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(There will be updates with new photos periodically.)

Canal Street String Band @ Alan at Wave Hill
Alan performs with Canal Street String Band at Wave Hill in 2014.

Dark Hollow Band Dark Hollow Band 2

Band in Dark Hollow: An Appalachian Woyzeck at Theatre80, August, 2012.

Left Photo: L to R: Donghyuc Chang, Chuck Dorman, Alan Friend, Davidson Mulkey (not shown- Chris Peifer), Actor- Kendall Rileigh.
Right Photo: The band, this time with music director Chris Peifer on the left.

At the Harry Smith Frolic
Friend Family Band and Afghan Square Factory with guest stars Dotty (on guitar) and Co. with Rosalie Friend (on Afghan squares), Alan (on banjo), Julia (on banjo - back to us). At the Harry Smith Frolic, July 14, 2012.

Alan & Amy at Make Music
Alan and Amy Melson play at Make Music NY on 5th Ave., Brooklyn, June 21, 2012.

Alan Friend & Friends
"Alan Friend & Friends" (Mid. Jeremy Smerd, R Bob Malenky) after we played at the 2012 Brooklyn Folk Festival.


Noa's Gift Banjo
Hand made gift from my 8-year old star banjo student, Noa Greenstein, December 2011.

Alan's photo in Epoch Times, 10/22/10
Alan performs at Folk Music Society of NY Daniel Pearl concert, Oct., 2010.

People's Voice Cafe 1 People's Voice Cafe 2

Alan and Chris Seymour
lots of instruments.

People's Voice Cafe 3 People's Voice Cafe 4

Alan and Chris
are joined by
Dan Schatz.

Playing in concert at the Peoples' Voice Cafe.


Alan & Bill Lead O-T Wkshp photo Alan & Bill O-T Wkshp4 photo

Alan and Bill Christophersen
lead an
old-time jamming workshop

Alan Concentrates w Banjo photo Alan Demos Banjo O-T Wkshp photo

Alan concentrates on the banjo
and then demonstrates a technique
for workshop participants

Alan & Bill Fiddle O-T Wkshp photo Alan w fiddle O-T Wkshp photo

Hey Bill,
let me play fiddle, too!

3 Banjos 1 Fiddle O-T Wkshp photo

Other Instruments O-T Wkshp photo

Bill leading fiddle O-T Wkshp photo
And a good time was had by all at the jamming workshop/jam in May, 2010.


Alan & Craig Bklyn Folk Fest photo

Alan & Craig Fid Bklyn Folk Fest photo

Alan, Craig Statue Bklyn Folk Fest photo

Alan is joined by Craig Judelman in the Brooklyn Folk Festival at the Jalopy Theatre, 2010
Say, who is that strange guy at the left in the center photo?

Alan & Jen at Jalopy 2009 photo
Alan and Jen at Jalopy Theatre, 2009.

Chelsea String Band E-fod 2008 photo
Chelsea String Band (Alan, Andy, Michaela) giving a workshop at the Eisteddfod Festival in 2008

Playing for cloggers
Playing for cloggers, 2005, L to R: Julianne, Dotty, Michaela, Rob, Alan.

Alan in front of door photo
Nice door... I mean, banjo.

Old-Time Jamboree photo
At the Old-Time/Bluegrass Jamboree, 2007. Do you recognize anyone else?

Greenwich Morris Men musicans photo Sword Ale with Concertina photo

Half Moon Sword Ale
Two concertinas better than one

Playing for our morris and sword dance dance team, the Greenwich Morris Men

Alan and Sophie photo
Alan and Sophie

OSARC Performance photo
Performance for Organization of Staff Analysts Retirees Club, October, 2008

OSARC Performance photo
Detail of "bay-at-the-moon" inlay on Alan's favorite banjo

Alan with guitar photo
Alan's first instrument was the guitar

Celtic hair ornament photo Whimsical flowers photo

Celtic style hair ornament
Whimsical flowers

Look what's happened to some of my used guitar strings! Go to http://www.stringcycle.etsy.com to see more.

Alan & Chris photo
Alan and Chris as the performing duo Buttermilk Channel

Chelsea String Band (with Andy) photo
Alan with Michaela and Andy as the Chelsea String Band performing at Banjo Jim's

Chelsea String Band (with Julianne) photo
Alan, Julianne playing fiddle, and Michaela as the Chelsea String Band

Chelsea String Band (with Dotty) photo
This was the original Chelsea String Band (Michaela, Alan and Dorothy)

Alan with black eye
The real story is that Alan fell while jogging with the dog a few hours before a gig

Alan in front of Brownstone photo
Alan in Brownstone Brooklyn

Concertina Image

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